Skip That Cup of Coffee!

It’s easy to think something as simple as $4 a day is a small treat for yourself, but when you step back and look at the big picture, it can be quite astonishing. Take your morning coffee: if you’re one of the many people who purchase a cup of Joe every morning before work, you are spending on the LOW end $120 a month. If you put that money aside and put it towards your mortgage principal rather than coffee, you can pay your home off a few years sooner, AND save nearly $35k doing so!

While it’s definitely OK to treat yourself at times, skip the daily coffeehouse trips and make it at home instead… your mortgage will thank you later!


What can a cup of coffee save you? JPEG

Author: Jennifer Davina Realty

With extensive knowledge of the Santa Clarita Valley and it’s surrounding areas, Jen has been a life-long resident of Acton, offering insider expertise to her clients. When a trip to Europe turned into a travel writing career, Jen found herself focused on different styles of architecture and international houses while overseas. After years of traveling, and twenty-something countries later, Jen’s obsession with photographing houses immensely grew, and so did her passion for real estate. It was one night when she was looking through her travel photographs that she realized her love for homes, and immediately enrolled in real estate classes. Working as an agent with Keller Williams VIP Properties in Valencia, California, Jen’s mission is to turn houses into homes, and does this through using the latest marketing tools, listening to her clients’ needs and knowing the local neighborhoods. Aside from real estate, Jen enjoys being a mother to her two children Milo and Zoey, cooking (she is also a culinary school graduate), muscle cars, German Shepherd rescues and Disneyland trips.

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